Double coverage

  • MegaCombi is the quick, easy and safe way to cover silage.
  • Ultra-strong agricultural sheeting with gas-tight foil on one roll!
  • This strong agricultural sheeting is made using a 100% new raw material with Metaloceen that offers maximum protection against external influences, tears and UV radiation.
  • The gas-tight sheeting, also known as MegaBarrier, creates an extremely high oxygen barrier.

Extremely high oxygen barrier

The combination of MegaplastPower and MegaBarrier forms a stable seal over the silage and creates a high oxygen barrier. MegaBarrier is known for its 20 times higher oxygen permeability The sheeting attaches more easily to the fodder, creating higher stability in the top layer and reducing the risk of silage damage caused by heating.

Cover quickly and easily

As the MegaCombi is actually two types of sheeting on one roll, the silage can be covered quicker.

MegaCombi makes covering silage quicker, easier and safer.

Double covering, the new way of covering your Silage

  • Combination of MegaplastPower and MegaBarrier rolled together.
  • Stabele seal with very high oxygen barrier.
  • Faster, easier and safer covering of the silage,
  • Unroll them together at the same time!

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