Drag hoses

Superior drag hoses for agricultural application

  • High flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Extreme strenght against rough surfaces
  • Resistance to oil, diesel, acids and chemicals
  • Advanced resistance to abrasion
  • Perfect for liquid manure

We also offer a wide variety of couplings sets and fittings

Drag hoses – NobraFlex PU

Our NobraFlex PU drag hoses are produced with an unique quality technique, so we are able to level up the quality.

  • Cold-resistance up to -50 Celsius
  • Heat-resistance up to +75 Celsius
  • Increased protection against mechanical damages
  • Easy maintenance and handling

Supply hoses

  • Heavy duty hoses
  • Embedded in a vulcanized high grade compound
  • Resistant cold -35 Celsius and heat +100 Celsius

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