Organic Plant Feed

Organic Plant Feed (OPF) Granular is a fast-acting organic plant fertilizer (11-0-5) which can be used in both open field and in-row fertilization. The granulate grain dissolves quickly in water and provides the plants with a balanced fertilizer for several weeks.

  • Improves soil structure and requisite soil bioactivity
  • No leaching of valuable minerals
  • This fertilizer is free of animal ingredients and manure
  • No unpleasant odour, no harmful bacteria
  • Produces tight growth and a compact root system

OPF consists of organic raw materials with substantial levels of natural sugars. Due to fermentation processes the organic materials are upgraded to an excellent fertilizer. Naturally sourced raw materials have low amounts of salt and therefore no risks on root- and leaf burn damage. The high level of trace elements and sugars supports a healthy soil life and provides healthy plant growth. The amino acids in OPF can also be absorbed at low temperatures.

Fertilizer spreader | VisscherHolland Canada Inc.
OPF Granular can be spread with the aid of a granule and/or fertilizer spreader.

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