Optimyc mycorrhizae

Plants in the natural world always grow with mycorrhizae. The hyphal threads of mycorrhizae grow into the fine roots and take over the absorption of most of the minerals and the water from the roots. This increases the roots’ lifespan by 10 to 100. Roots without mycorrhizae grow only for a short period of time (several days up to around 6 weeks) and are vulnerable to infestations and nematodes. Plants with mycorrhizal fungi in the roots suffer less damage, are more resistant to stress, and in general produce a bigger harvest, flower longer and more fully, and are stronger than their counterparts which have been grown exclusively on NPK fertilisers. The natural uptake of minerals means that under- or over-fertilising is less quickly apparent.

Plants with a natural symbiosis with mycorrhizae have great advantages in comparison to plants grown only with artificial fertiliser and trace elements.

Optimyc mycorrhizae

  • Larger uptake capacity and drought tolerance
  • Improved mineral absorption, particularly phosphate and silica.
  • Increased survival rates and less susceptibility to disease after planting or transplanting.
  • Greatly improved sucess rated continued growth after planting or transplanting.
  • Increases yield and improves growth, particularly in stressful situations.
  • Increases survival rates and promotes improved growth in hard-to-cultivate plants

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